We all know that mistakes are unavoidable, but it is most important that we learn to avoid those mistakes to design Magento website successfully. Today, most of the e-commerce websites worldwide are using Magento as a platform to run their online stores, so it is important that designers take care of everything and avoid some common Magento web design mistakes.

Especially if you are a newbie, you need to avoid following mentioned mistakes when you start your Magento web store design:

Mistake 1 – Installation through FTP

One of the major mistakes that every Magento web designer should avoid is that installing Magento with the help of FTP. It is recommended to all the Magento professionals to use the downloaded instead. It will be helpful to preserve upgrade capabilities of the installation in order to avoid any kind of mistake.

Mistake 2 – Changing the default Theme

There are lots of professionals, who suddenly change the default theme once they successfully installed the Magento store. When you first installed the platform, default theme takes time to load. If you want to make your store unique and attractive, ensure that you do not kick start and modify your default theme. Lots of ways are there to develop your own customized theme that best meets with your requirements and suit to Magento store design.

Mistake 3 – Forget to Change Defaults

If you are loading your installation for the first time, you will find lots of default settings such as the name on the home page, the logo and more. It allows you to get the website its first look. So, you remember that you do not forget to change these. You have to add your store name, add your store's logo in the appropriate fields.

Mistake 4 – Changing Core Files

It is also one of the most common mistakes that most of the designers are facing as they do not have to touch the core files until they duplicate them. You can find lots of Magento professionals, who are changing core files. However if you wanted to duplicate them, develop a duplicate in the path app/code/local. Because this way you can keep your core files intact and will not face any problem while future upgrades to Magento.

Mistake 5 – Immobilizing Customer Reviews

We all know that customer reviews play a major role in any business as it can help you to sell almost anything. Remember that if your customers are happy with your products, your business will surely grow. You will also get an opportunity to manage and with them over if there is any kind of negativity.

It will be helpful for potential customers gain trust if your reviews are positive and good. There are lots of online shoppers, who depend on reviews to make purchasing, so ensure that you do not disable customer reviews on your Magento platform.

So, these are some of the Magento website design mistakes that every beginner should avoid to begin with Magento e-commerce site design successfully. One can get an error free website when they go by the standards. Moreover, you should also make sure that your hire Magento developer or designer from any trusted Magento development company so that you will make your business successful.

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