The Internet attracts some people who are dishonest and prey upon gullible people to make quick money for themselves. For that reason your web site must put your visitor instantaneously at ease and convey honesty and integrity about it.

First of all, Provide contact information visitors will easily become frustrated if they have a question to resolve but can't contact you. At minimum, place an email address or contact form on your web site. For those people who prefer to talk to a real person rather than use electronic communication so provide a telephone number and even a real address. Answering a few customer questions may be enough to win his or her trust before purchasing from your site.

Creating an About Us page is where you introduce yourself and your company. It is always helpful to include a photo of yourself. The more you can establish a personal bond with your prospective buyer, the greater your chances of success.

Make sure to add Testimonials. They are a fantastic way to showcase your product, establish credibility, and improve sales. Some customers may feel like it is free advertising on your site by adding their testimonial and will give it is freely. Others you may have to provide an extra incentive by giving away a copy of your product in return for a testimonial.

Make sure the testimonial is confirmable ask them to include their contact information such as an email address or web site address. You may even ask for a small photo to go along with what they Being courteous goes a long way. Often customers can't express exactly what they want because they don't have your expertise. Try to spell out what your product or service will do for them to make their life easier. And that they will be satisfied. If you put their fears to rest you will have a happy customer.

One f the ways you can put their fears to rest is to Use secure transactions - someone sending you his or her credit card number or other personal information should be able to do so through a secure link from his or her browser to your server.

Accepting refunds will almost always mean repeat customer. When you Deal with them promptly and professionally, no matter how the customer acts towards you during the process, the customer will feel like he or she is important. A customer's biggest fear is that he/she may not receive what he wants or may not be able to return it.

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