YTB International is a network marketing company that offers, not only discount travel services, but also an opportunity to grow your own YTB business. Lots of people like to travel and most people like the thought of becoming financially independent. Achieving that freedom has certainly been the reason for why most of the distributors have joined YTB International. Unfortunately, the ugly truth is that the dream ends for more than 95 % of these people. With that said - keep in mind the failure rate isn't 100 %.

We will now get into WHY so many are failing and then in a moment we will get on with the thing that most of you want to know: WHY those 5 % (or less) is succeeding. First - If you are doing what the company has told you to, you're doing it all wrong and you'll most likely end up being a part of those 95 %. So what is it that you shouldn't be doing? You shouldn't work your "warm market" meaning that you should not try and grow your business by talking to friends and family, because you will NEVER succeed that way. You shouldn't hand out business cards and magazines - It'll promote YTB International NOT your YTB business. You shouldn't bring people to hotel meetings to convince them that this is a fantastic opportunity. And now to the most important one: You shouldn't try and grow your YTB business with the belief that "everyone" is your prospect.

I can say without a doubt that NO other industry is using these techniques and there certainly isn't any other industry that thinks "everyone" is their prospects? Why? Because these techniques have been proven wrong by SO many people for many, many years, and therefore it won't make any sense to use them. And any other industry knows that even though you have the GREATEST product, "everyone" is NEVER your prospect. Again the network marketing industry has a 95 % high failure rate to prove this.

So in order to succeed, you have to learn how to market effectively; you have to know your audience! That is really what marketing is all about - finding your target market. I'll try and illustrate it for you to make it as clearly as possible, because this is without a doubt one of the most important things you need to know in order to succeed with your YTB business.

Picture this: You have just arrived at your home and a friend of yours comes running - with very much exitment in his voice he says "Man these shoes are the BEST running shoes EVER, they are really comfortable and running gets so much easier, you should buy some for yourself". Your friend is very exited about these shoes, so they must be good, and you answer "Well, I will think about it" after all you have been considering starting to exercise, so maybe you should try them out. But your friend won't take that for an answer and says "NO man - there is really nothing to think about it, you can't get them anywhere else you have to buy them right NOW, you just have to sign here." Okay - I don't know if you would still be interested, but I know I wouldn't, and I'd probably never buy anything from that friend.

Now picture this instead: The situation is the same as before, but this time your friend says "These shoes are just so great, I have never enjoyed running before, but these shoes make it so much more comfortable." You will most likely begin asking questions as "where did you buy these shoes?" and "how much did you pay?" Your firend answers all your questions, and before he turns around he says "These shoes have really helped me, if you should be interested, just say so, I really recommend them." And he continues running.

Now, take a moment and compare the two situations - who of those two friends would you rather be? I know that I would want to be the second friend and I think that most would as well. This example has nothing to do with YTB International, but it illustrates what you are doing very well, because when you are trying to grow your YTB business, the company tells you to be the first friend! Do you see why you are not succeeding?

To properly prospect you have to know your audience and find people who already have a want, need or desire for what you have to offer - this way you will be the solution instead of the annoying friend or family member. I promise you that it will be so much more fun growing your YTB business this way!

If you want to succeed with YTB International you CAN, but you just have to remember that your prospects isn't "everyone". You should ONLY be the person who fulfils a want that's already there. Once you have recognized that you have to find your target market and not listen to what the company is telling you, you will be able to grow your YTB business and turn those dreams of yours into reality with YTB International.

To learn more you can get a free copy of the YTB Report at to get your private step-by-step blueprint helping you succeed in your YTB business. You can also visit my blog at
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