Maintining our gums and teeth properly nourished is an essential job everyone should partake. In order to achieve a healthy smile, one must observe a proper diet, though there are different methods that we can try to keep our gums and teeth healthy.

They said that the foods that keeps our muscles and bones properly nourished can also keep our teeth and gums healthy. There are also some foods that can help us protect our teeth from cavities. Foods such as animal meat, tea leaves and sea foods contains fluoride that is good for the teeth. Flourides helps fight against cavities in our teeth. Fluoride makes the surface of teeth more resistant to acids during the process of remineralization. Some dental hygienist suggests drinking water that has fluoride while others consider that using toothpaste is good enough.

Milk and yogurt are considered to be less acidic which eventually means having less tendency of losing one's teeth. They also have less content of sugar which can eventually cause tooth decay. Milk is a good source of calcium, the main component of teeth and bones. A manufactured product from milk is cheese which is rich in calcium and phosphate that helps in keeping our mouth in the right pH level of 7 and eventually produce more saliva, protect and repair the tooth enamel and destroy the bacteria that generates cavities on the teeth as well as gum problems.

Fruits and vegetable contains vitamins and minerals that may help in keeping our teeth and gums healthy and clean. Fruits that contains high amount of vitamin C that's good for the teeth are kiwis, apples and strawberries. This vitamin is considered the element that holds cells together. If this vitamin is taken for granted this may lead to the breaking down of cells in our gums making it more prune to some kinds of gum diseases. Pumpkins, carrots, sweet potatoes and broccoli are some examples of vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A. To help clean your gums, it is also good to eat crunchy vegetables.

Onions are also rich in antibacterial sulphur compounds. Research shows that eating raw onions helps in eliminating bad bacteria on our mouth. Sesame seeds can also help in lessening the amount of plaque build up as well as strengthen the tooth enamel. They are also known to be very rich in calcium.

Green tea leaves also contains abundant of fluoride. Because green tea has polyphenol antioxidant plant compounds, it does not only helped in getting rid of plaque and cavities build up, it also protects the gums from various diseases. Tea is also an aid in getting rid of bad breath.

Foods that are rich in fiber like celery also assists in taking care of the teeth as it produces more saliva. Celery helps prevent the build up on cavities on the teeth as it neutralized the bacteria causing it. Good examples of Vitamin B rich foods are breads and cereals that help in making the gum tissues healthy.

Animal meat such as beef, chicken, turkey, and eggs contain phosphorus which, with calcium, is one of the two most vital minerals of the teeth and bone. Lean meat, fish, and poultry provide magnesium and zinc for teeth. To have healthy teeth and gums, it is a must to observe eating the right kind of foods.

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